ALTNI CMALT 2020 – Cohort Open

Image of the ALTNI Cohort

ALTNI are delighted to announce a new CMALT Cohort for 2020. 

This cohort will address all three CMALT pathways and build on the success of the 2019 group.

We invite applications from educators across all sectors in the region.  The cohort is for those working with learning technology and wanting to make the step towards achieving professional recognition of their current status as a practitioner.

For detailed information about what CMALT is and how it can benefit you, please see the ALT CMALT pages.

Benefits of joining the cohort

You can prepare and submit a CMALT portfolio on your own, but the experience of previous cohort members is that:

  • Working with a group gives greater motivation and exposure to different ways of thinking about the portfolio
  • Having a structured timeframe to work within helps to keep you on-track
  • It’s very beneficial to have opportunities to ask questions and get feedback on your writing before you submit
  • Discussing the process with current CMALT holders/assessors
  • The professional connections made are long-lasting
  • Submitting as a group secures a discount on the registration fee

How it works

The cohort will work together for six-months (January – May) in preparing individual CMALT portfolios for submission to ALT.  This will take the form of:

  • 3 x workshops (Belfast) (10th January, 6th March, 1st May)

The bi-monthly day-long workshops are structured to allow for activities, knowledge sharing, practical advice, and space for writing and reflection.

  • 2 x online meetings

Shorter online meetings (approx. 1hr) are held in the months between the workshops.

  • Ongoing online support and community

Continual individual and group support, feedback and encouragement.


There is no cost for joining the ALTNI cohort.  This is part of the ALTNI remit to support our local community of educators.

The cost of registering as a CMALT candidate with ALT is the responsibility of the individual.  Further details about the cost of registering as a CMALT candidate can be found on the ALT website.

We have produced a short policy document to be transparent in how the costs work.


To register please complete your details on this form. Deadline: 31st December 2019.

Places will be limited to 15 individuals.  In the event that the cohort is over-subscribed, we will select candidates based on the information supplied by them in this form. 


If you’d like to discuss any aspect of the cohort, please contact both Clare Thomson and Craig Dooley.