Calling all ALT NI Members

We wish to connect individuals and organisational members of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) from all sectors and parts of Northern Ireland.
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ALTNI CMALT 2020 – Cohort Open

ALTNI are delighted to announce a new CMALT Cohort for 2020.  This cohort will address all three CMALT pathways and build on the success of the 2019 group. We invite applications from educators across all sectors in the region.  The cohort is for those working with learning technology and wanting to make the step towards […]

Celebrating CMALT Success

As the NI members group, we facilitated our first round of CMALT support as a regional cohort from January to May 2019, with three full day workshops/writing retreats and two one hour online webinars. Approximately, a dozen colleagues attended from across the sectors, including higher education, further education and a school sector body. Daria Casement, […]

CMALT Cohort Meeting 5

This was the last face to face meeting with our current cohort. It was held at the beginning of May with the next submission date coming up at the end of the month. The focus of this final session was to cover Core Area 4: Communication. An area which allows candidates to breathe a little […]

CMALT Cohort Meeting 3

There is no blog post for the second meeting as it took place online and was based on personal conversations around progress and barriers faced, however, everyone found the conversation useful and supportive. We covered questions and answers together with discussion around Core Area 2: Teaching and Learning. We picked up some of these threads […]

CMALT Cohort Meeting 1

The official Northern Ireland CMALT Cohort kicked off on 11th January 2019. It seemed fitting that the new year was starting with getting together with a new group of colleagues from across the country. Our first meeting was face-to-face and in a neutral venue for everyone, the Ormeau Baths, which is a central hub for […]